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Congratulation on visiting PakSolar, whether you are a curious browser or a serious investor, you came to the right page to procure alternative energy systems.

Are you a registered alternative energy business in Pakistan and wanting to import complete Solar/Wind power generation units in all power ranges from the US? Don’t know where to start or whom to request for help?

Want to avoid the pitfalls of working with many unknowns but wish to profit from this very lucrative business?

Want to know what is available and at what price, how soon purchased systems can be shipped and what is involved in the logistics?

If you are serious and ready to purchase, contact us for more information. We don’t carry any stock on hand, we are agents and for a flat 3% finders fee will help advise, evaluate, test, document and purchase on your behalf Solar/Wind power products from the US and arrange it to be shipped to the nearest port in your city.

Minimum order quantity is $100,000.

Serious inquiries are welcome.